Election Services

General local elections

Across the province, general local elections are held every three years.  The next election will be held in the fall of 2014.

In Vancouver elections, voters choose:

  • One Mayor and ten Councillors for Vancouver City Council;
  • Seven Park Commissioners for the Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation; and
  • Nine School Trustees for the Vancouver School Board

Vancouver is not divided into wards. It has an "at-large" system in which its elected officials are elected to represent the City as a whole.

Other voting

At the same time as the election, voters also decide whether to authorize the City to borrow money for major construction projects. These "capital plan borrowing questions" are printed on the back of the ballot.

From time to time, the City may also hold votes on other questions that require the assent of the electors. For example, there was a vote in 2003 on Vancouver's participation in hosting the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games.