Election Services

Information for campaign organizers

Section 55 of the Vancouver Charter defines “campaign organizer” as follows:

  1. an organization, whether incorporated or unincorporated, other than an elector organization, that undertakes, or intends to undertake, an election campaign that
    1. augments or operates in place of, or
    2. is intended to augment or operate in place of the election campaign of one or more candidates or of one or more elector organizations, or both;
  2. OR

  3. an individual who
    1. undertakes, or intends to undertake, an election campaign referred to in paragraph (a), other than an election campaign for the individual as a candidate, and
    2. accepts, or intends to accept, campaign contributions in relation to the campaign from any other individual or any organization, whether incorporated or unincorporated;

All campaign organizers must file a declaration before the election, and campaign financing disclosures afterward.  Detailed information about these requirements will be contained in a Campaign Organizer Information Package, which will be available prior to the 2014 election. For more information about the 2011 requirements, see the 2011 Campaign Organizer Information Package.