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Campaign financing disclosure statements

In a general local election, there are no limits on the amount of campaign contributions that may be collected or election expenses that may be incurred.  However, candidates, elector organizations and campaign organizers are obliged to record all campaign contributions and election expenses and disclose them in a campaign financing disclosure statement, which must be submitted to the City Clerk no more than 120 days after general voting day. If there are any changes or amendments after the disclosure statement has been submitted, they must file a supplementary report.  Failure to file a campaign financing disclosure statement or a supplementary report may result in the imposition of significant penalties.

Candidates, elector organizations and campaign organizers wishing to file disclosure statements or supplementary reports should contact the City Clerk’s Office.

By law, the campaign financial disclosure statements will be available for public inspection from the time of filing until seven years after general voting day for the election to which they relate.  There are two ways to access the disclosures:

1. On the website:  The 2011 disclosures are posted here. The 2008 disclosures are posted here.  Edited 2005 disclosures are posted here ( the 2005 disclosures were edited because at the time, the City was legally required to edit the disclosures by removing personal names and addresses).  The 2002 disclosures are not available on the website.

2. In-person inspection:  Hardcopies of the disclosures for the last 7 years are available for inspection at the City Clerk's Office on the 3rd floor of City Hall (453 West 12th Avenue).  If you wish to inspect the statements in person, it is recommended that you contact the City Clerk’s Office to make an appointment.