Election Services

Registering to vote

In order to vote, voters must be registered on the Voters List.  Registration procedures vary depending on whether you are a resident elector or non-resident property elector (see Eligibility to Vote, above).

Registering to vote as a resident elector

Elections BC maintains the Voters List for resident electors (voters who live in Vancouver). If you have registered to vote in a BC or federal election, your name is probably already on the list.

Elections BC provides the Voters List to the City of Vancouver several months before each civic election. The City then holds an advance registration period, in which it accepts applications for registrations from voters. Voters may also fill out registration applications when they vote. After the election, all of these registrations (except for registrations for which the voter has requested privacy protection) are sent to Elections BC for entry into the Voters List.

To register vote as an elector please visit Elections BC's website.

Registering to vote as a non-resident property elector

If you own real property in Vancouver but you live elsewhere in BC, you may qualify as a non-resident property elector (NRPE).  For more information on NRPE eligibility requirements, please read the NRPE FAQ/ Fact Sheet.