Vancouver City Council

Council Expenses

The City is committed to an open and transparent government. Consistent with this commitment, Council has posted the expenses that each member has incurred while conducting business on behalf of the City, below.

Council expenses consist of two components:
  1. A local expense budget provided to individual Council members to cover expenses incurred in the Lower Mainland while representing the City of Vancouver. Each Council member is responsible for ensuring that they do not exceed their annual budget.
  2. An annual travel and training expense budget enables Council members to attend meetings, events and conferences outside the Lower Mainland. Council members must obtain Council approval to attend these events and have the travel expenses covered by the Travel and Training budget.

Council detailed expenses up to Quarter 1 - 2012 (Excel 126 kb)


  1. The 2012 local expense budget is calculated up to December 31, 2012.

  2. Due to the timing of expenditure receipts, some transactions may be reflected in the subsequent expense report period.

Council expenses prior to 2012

Council detailed expenses for 2011 (Excel 186 kb)
Council detailed expenses for 2010 (Excel 180 kb)
Council summary of expenses from 2002 to 2009

Local Expense Budget

Each Council member’s annual budget is 10% of the member’s salary. The annual Council Members Budget can be used to pay for expenses such as parking, transportation, business meetings, community events and memberships.

Details on how the budgets are set and the allowed expenses can be found in the Mayor and Council Members’ Expense Bylaw Number 8904 and Remuneration for Council Bylaw Number 7465 PDF. Note: Council members cannot exceed the annual budget.

Transportation Expenses

The Mayor and Council members have the option of:
  1. Receiving a portion of their annual budget as a monthly transportation allowance;
  2. Being reimbursed for transportation expenses, such as taxi fares and public transit, from their annual budget.

The monthly transportation allowance covers operating costs, such as gasoline and routine maintenance, incurred by Council members when using their personal vehicle for City business.

Business and Event Expenses

Includes charges incurred for business meetings, community events and printing services.

Education and Supplies Expenses

Includes charges incurred for the purchase of books, publications, subscriptions and other supplies.

Membership Expenses

Includes charges incurred for memberships related to civic duties or community relations.

Travel and Training Expenses

Detail of the expenses that can be claimed by Council Members for travel outside the Lower Mainland can be found in the Mayor and Council Members’ Expense Bylaw Number 8904.