Vancouver City Council

Standing Committees

Standing Committees of Council consist of all members of Council. The committees deal with civic business and hear delegations in a slightly less formal manner. Delegations must pre-register prior to a meeting, and they are given a five-minute time limit.

There are two Standing Committees:

Standing Committee on City Finance and Services
1:30 pm on Tuesdays on scheduled weeks

This Committee is mandated to deal with:

  • City revenues and their allocation, including financial planning, budgets, taxation, capital works, and municipal infrastructure
  • Grants
  • Economic development, including tourism, Pacific Rim initiatives, and industrial zoning
  • Civic administration and matters pertaining to the civic work force, including service expansions, computerization, worker health and safety, and equal employment opportunity

Chair: Councillor Raymond Louie

Vice-Chair: Councillor Heather Deal


Standing Committee on Planning, Transportation and Environment
9:30 am on Wednesdays on scheduled weeks

The Committee is mandated to deal with neighbourhood planning and protection, environmental issues, community issues, and cultural and ethnocultural issues.

Current topics include:

  • Planning programs including local area planning, zoning issues and heritage matters
  • Social development programs including housing and social policy initiatives
  • Arts initiatives
  • Public health care initiatives
  • Environmental issues

Chair: Councillor Andrea Reimer

Vice-Chair: Councillor Geoff Meggs